6 Lies You Tell Yourself About Success

Finding success in anything is never easy. Whether we’re trying to write a decent essay, learn an instrument, or improve our habits, it’s always a struggle when we’re not seeing any results. But, surely there’s a secret to extraordinary results? Why is it that some people are more successful than others? These are the questions …

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9 Mental Models to Live By

Mental Models

The quality of our thinking depends on the toolbox of thinking tools we have available to us. The larger the toolbox, the better we will be at making decisions and taking actions. We can grow this toolbox by understanding mental models. Here are 9 of my favourite mental models that have helped me to improve …

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The Principles of Memory

Whenever we have to remember something, our first instinct is often to reach for our phone. Using our phone we can write a note, set a reminder, or put something on to our calendar. And, ultimately, there’s almost no reason to use our own brain to remember stuff. But, this over-reliance on technology means we’re …

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